Our Philosophy

Quality and Communication

In the dental lab field, the word “quality” seems to be overused and under-delivered. With so many labs laying claim to producing high-quality products, it begs the question: “What is a high-quality dental restoration?”

McTech Dental Lab defines high quality as striving for a consistently perfect result, given imperfect and inconsistent circumstances.

Because every case is unique, unique problems and challenges are inherent. We overcome the problematic nature of restorative dentistry by:

  • Being willing and able to approach our doctors.
  • Being able to clearly understand the situation.
  • Making ourselves available to our doctors

These measures help us provide a superior product with a more predictable outcome.

We don’t believe in an assembly line mentality, that quality can be “checked” into a product. True quality is reflected in the manufacturing methods, the principles taught, and the enthusiasm of our technicians to learn new techniques. Quality is built into our culture.

Communication is the intrinsic roadmap to quality. Rather than quality check, we problem check, and focus on treating every contact with our doctors as an opportunity to learn more.

How we Communicate

  • Scans
  • Impressions, face-bow, bite register
  • Emails (not secure)
  • Drawings
  • Rx, filled out in its relevant entirety
  • Notes
  • Phone calls
  • LabStar messaging (secure)
  • Wax-ups, temporaries, placement stints
  • Photos (see Checklists & Photos page)

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