Submitting A Case

New Doctors

Please download, complete and submit this form, either by email or send with your first case. This will include inputting your preferences, which we have found very useful. Compatibility is important, so to get our relationship off to the best start, download and complete our new doctor form here.

Rx Forms

You can download a copy of our Rx here. Please fill out all relevant fields as thoroughly as possible, paying special attention to the area mark Record of Sanitation. Download our Rx Forms


The client portal provided for you by McTech Dental Lab is an updated and secure way for your practice to communicate via messaging, send pictures, scan data, view patient profiles, view policies and prices, along with many other valuable features.

This platform is completely yours and guarantees HIPPA compliance and improves record keeping. The overall purpose of this updated system is to improve the partnership between your practice and McTech, and thus, help you better accomplish your primary goal of better treatment for your patients. Please call or submit a new Dr. form so we can start your profile. It will take us about 10 minutes to set you up. You can then call to get an over the phone walk through, ask for Ryan, or you can simply download Ryan’s walk through here.


McTech Sanitation Policy

Below is our new sanitation policy that provides a few of the CDC guidelines and explains how we will help you with case sanitation and the changes we’ve made to deliver a more sanitized crown to you. Click here to view, download, and print out our sanitation policy so you may post it in a visible area for your staff to see.

McTech Dental Lab has changed our Rx to include a section to be marked for materials included with each case as well as the sanitation method used for each material. We have created this record of sanitation based on the recommendations stated in the CDC MMWR Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings — 2003. We will scan and attach this document to patient records that McTech and the client practice can access at any time.

Please note that not performing any kind of disinfection prior to sending it to us is not a selectable option.

As stated in CDC MMWR Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings — 2003, sanitation should take place “as soon as possible after removal from the patient’s mouth before drying of blood or other bioburden can occur”. For this reason, we are asking that your practice provide sanitation measures.

McTech will make appropriate sanitary bags available for each case, as a courtesy for the submission of your case to McTech Dental Lab. Please let us know when you require these materials. This does not constitute an endorsement to send any items to us not disinfected.

All items must be put into the provided bags. All paper documents such as the paper Rx must be uncontaminated and placed in the outside document pouch.

Please do not send any materials in your case pan.

In turn, we are sanitizing each completed restoration before sending it to your practice using 70% Isopropyl Alcohol allowed to fully dry, placed in a tamper evident bag, and labeled for our client practices records as stated in CDC MMWR Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings — 2003.

McTech Dental Lab does not assume the manufacturers recommendations for sanitation methods used, nor will we supersede them. As such, it is the responsibility of the practice to understand the effects of the disinfection method used on their specific materials. The best way to find this information is to contact the manufacturer.

McTech Dental Lab reserves the right to returned a case for proper sanitization and documentation.

Everyone here at McTech appreciates your help to keep ours and your staff safe.


McTech Dental Lab has partnered with UPS through an affiliate called World Wide Express (WWEX) to provide you with free shipping. If you require shipping of cases, your practice will have their own vendor profile constructed and user name and password assigned. A link to the login page can be found at the bottom of your client portal. You can print off our pre-paid shipping labels by following the instructions here. McTech can provide you with any additional assistance like locating your nearest UPS drobox.


There are three rush options and respective rates available:

  • Day Rush - 100%
  • 2-Day Rush –50%
  • 3-Day Rush –25%

Remake Policy

When it comes to our remake policy, the assessment of fees or lack thereof are handled on a case by case basis. We ask that you include with any remake or adjustment all materials and information sent with the original case. We also ask for photos of crown in place (this is huge) If crown will not fit all the way down, that’s ok, simply do your best and make this clear to the technician. If we made a mistake please help us by providing what we need to learn where we can improve.

Payment Policy

30 days from statement date.

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