McTech is absolutely determined to deliver the highest and most consistent quality of product and service. Our scheduling has much to do with our ability to give each case what it deserves. To facilitate this mission, McTech has two separate scheduling lines.

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Classic Line

The first is our Classic line with solid turnaround policy that works like this:

  • Crown and Bridge cases are 10 days in the lab.
  • Implant cases are 15 days in the lab.
  • The days in lab do not include time for out of town shipping (2 days either way), local pick and delivery, weekends, or holidays.
  • Please pre-book any cases needing to be rushed.

Keep in mind that cases with multiple units greatly benefit from more time for planning, problem solving, and creativity. As such, some of these cases may be referred to our other line of scheduling upon receipt.

The classic line is just how it sounds, the same schedule and quality our clients have come to know and rely on. Robert Sprenkle, “Rob”, whom most of you have met over the last 23 years, or more recently at local study groups, will continue finishing these traditionally scheduled cases.

Complex and Aesthetic Line

The other line is our Complex & Aesthetics Line and is reserved for our head technician and owner, Mark McKee. However, this work is put on “capacity scheduling”. What this means is that Mark will be given a fixed workload and work exclusively on cases that involve above average attention and consultation with the doctor. This includes…

  • Cosmetic and occlusal rehabilitation
  • Cases with custom shades
  • Rehab Wax-ups
  • Other Aesthetic work

Marks work will be scheduled on a case by case basis each day, and any additional work will be scheduled back.

Of course, we understand that there will always be exceptional cases and we will be happy to accommodate the needs of the patient. Please make these requested accommodations to our policy the exception, not the rule.

Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness” – Al Capone

Local Pickups & Delivery

McTech will conduct its local pickup and deliveries twice a day. The morning run will take place every morning after 8. The afternoon run will be conducted after 2. Any requests sent after 3 will be picked up the following morning so please schedule accordingly.

Out of Town?

McTech uses UPS through an affiliate called World Wide Express (WWEX). For any doctors using McTech from outside Billings, shipping will be paid for both to and from your practice. However, an additional 2 days to us and 2 days back to you must be applied to the scheduling.

Custom Shades

If a patient needs a custom shade, the most ideal time to take that shade is before the procedure. Whenever this is possible, please have the patient or your office contact us to set up an appointment before prepping for crown(s). If the custom shade must be taken after prepping procedures, please make an appointment no sooner than three hours after the prepping appointment.

If a patient is whitening or even considering it, please complete the whitening first. After completion, please allow two days for a possible slight rebound of the previous shade. It is important that the whitening be done first because if we “make the crown a little lighter” we are essentially guessing at the final shade and often we are “a little off” as a result.

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