Nathan, aged 32, presented to us with diastemas from #5-12. He was unhappy with his smile and wanted the “gaps closed” mainly between #8 & 9.

Aesthetic Dental Lab Case

We made a diagnostic wax-up from #6-11 to answer if we could close the diastemas and improve the aesthetics.

Dental Lab Aesthetic Case - Nathan

The Wax-up turned out very nice. #6-11 were prepped and the diagnostic wax-up was used to produce the Provisionals. E.max was prescribed in shade 2m1.

Because of previous incisal wear and to maintain incisal strength, we chose e.max press as monolithic with gingival staining and light incisal translucency.

Again, using the diagnostic wax-up as a guide, crowns were produced and fitted to the solid model during finishing.

Dental Lab Case Studay - Aesthetic

Close-up Dental Lab Work - Aesthetic

Delivering the crowns to Nathan was very successful. Doctor and patient were thrilled with both function and aesthetics.

Dental Lab Work From McTech Dental Laboratory

Aesthetic Dental Lab Work

This smile was made in cooperation with Joseph P. Thomas DDS AACD - Montana's Only AACD Accredited Dentist.